We need 60-75 adult volunteers and 75-100 youth volunteers (7th grade and up) for VBC. We encourage all volunteers to stay the whole week but understand if you only have a few hours to spare. 

We are always looking to improve upon last year's Vacation Bible Camp. We take your comments and suggestions seriously and discuss changes accordingly. 

This year we are continuing with a shorter week, smaller adult-child ratios, mixed-age crews and a family party on Thursday evening.


Mixed-age Crews
                                                       VBC is continuing the tradition of multi-aged groupings. Elementary kids will be in mixed-age groups with other children going grades 1-3. 3 & 4-year olds will be in Preschool sections; and those entering Kinder will all be together. These small groups, called "Crews", are lead by adults volunteers who have been cleared through Dallas Diocese's Safe Environment.

Mixed-age crews encourage teamwork rather than competition.
When kids are grouped in age-graded groups, there's more emphasis on comparison, competition and cliques can form. By placing children in mixed-age crews, you nearly eliminate the unspoken desire forkids to compare or compete. Instead, older kids help younger ones. Younger kids seek to emulate the older, "cool" kids in their crews.

The company who developed our VBC curriculum, Groups Publishing, has field tested Mixed-Age Crews at hundreds of churches and HIGHLY recommends it.

Mixed-age crews encourage relationship-building.
By mixing ages to form small groups, you provide a rare opportunity for kids of all ages to get to know one another. Most same-age kids in your community are with one another during school, sports, church and playdates. Multi-age crews give kids the chance to interact and build meaningful relationships with new friends.

Mixed-age Crews are easier to work with.
Group Publishing, the developers of our camp curriculum has field tested the mixed-age group at hundreds of churches and with thousands of kids. Time-and-time-again, leaders report how they love the mixed-age crews. Discipline problems virtually disappear, cliques vanish, new friendships are formed; and when older kids are paired with younger ones, they relish their helping role.

The most important factor in making this program successful is your attitude. If your child has doubts, reassure him or her that this is a great opportunity to try something new. Your support will speak volumes to the children we are serving

To give our campers the very best experience and more attention, we're shrinking our adult-child ratios. That means we need LOTS of parents to jump in and help out!

Email us at ctkvbc@gmail.com with any questions, concerns or to sign up as a volunteer.

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