Christ the King Church
Preschool & Kindergarten Faith Formation (PKFF)
Safety Rules and Guidelines

Our Goal: To protect our children, our Staff, Volunteers and Employees, and our Church from becoming victims of abuse or false accusations of abuse. The safety rules and guidelines that we adhere to are outlined here:
1. Two (2) adults and three (3) or more volunteers will be present in the classroom at all times. We will combine classes to uphold this standard, as needed.
2. For security purposes, all children must be signed in and out of their classrooms by a parent or another adult. A phone number where they can be reached must be provided. The parent or adult who dropped the child off may be called if their child is having a problem, is sick, or if class is not held or has been canceled.
3. The sign-in sheets are filed for the church’s records.
4. Children will be released only to the parent or other adult who dropped the child off and signed them in. Written notice is required if someone other than the person who signed the child in will pick the child up. Parents are required to explain to their child(ren) that they are never to leave the classroom unless escorted by at least two PKFF staff members or their parent.
5. Parents should take their children to the bathroom before drop-off to help limit disruptions and trips outside the classroom. If a child must go to the bathroom, two PKFF staff members will escort the child to the bathroom and wait at the door for the child. If the child requires assistance, both staff members will enter the bathroom to assist the child.
6. All doors to classrooms and bathrooms are to remain open at all times for monitoring purposes. Outer doors are to remain shut and locked to prevent unauthorized access to our children. Doors will not be propped open at any time.
7. Parent(s) are always welcome to check in on their child and participate in class.
8. Children are never to be in a one-on-one situation with teacher or assistant. Private talks can be done in the presence of others while out of hearing distance if needed.
9. The staff members may vary from week to week, including those in the hall monitor position.
10. Committee members will conduct informal, random checks of classrooms, bathrooms, and stairwells.
11. Class is to be held in the school classrooms and cafetorium and the church Parish Center. If there is a need to leave the building for a fire drill or to move between facilities, the entire class will remain together with at least three staff members escorting them. No child is to be escorted off the premises of the church by a staff member, other than their parent.
12. Any suspicious behavior or misconduct must be reported to the Faith Formation Committee Head immediately and the reporting procedures of the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program must be strictly followed.

I agree not to hold the St. Anne’s Society, Christ the King Church, Christ the King School, or any other officer, agent, employee or member thereof legally or financially liable for any illness, accident or injury to my child that may occur before, during or after any Preschool & Kindergarten Faith Formation class. If I should leave the grounds of Christ the King Church or Christ the King School while my child is on the grounds, I will notify my child’s teacher in advance and provide the teacher with an emergency telephone number at which I can be contacted. If my child should become ill or be injured and I cannot be contacted immediately, I agree that a member of the St. Anne’s Society or an employee of Christ the King Church or Christ the King School may, without liability, act in my stead in consenting to any medical treatment that he or she in good conscience deems to be in the best interest of my child.

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