2017-2018 St. Anne’s Board

President: Allie Waldie

President Elect: Teresa Heisley

Treasurer: Lynne Fletcher

Vacation Bible Camp: Paige Brauer

Parliamentarian: Melanie Thornton

Programs: Sophia Serrano

St. Anne’s Bake Sale: Kayla Altman, Elizabeth Drabinski, Ashley Tyler (Marketing)

Hostess Coordinators: Brandy Carlton, Cindy Haddad

Donut Sundays: Amy Hendricks

Christmas Party: Melanie Ramon, Christine Nevitt, Ashley McGuire

Couples Party: Jen Bryarly, Lorena Tolle, Kristin Smith

Spring Fling Party: Keri Anderson, Andrea Earnhart, Caroline Maxwell

Membership Registration: Brooke Driesse

Welcoming Chair: Kate Bush

Mom’s Time Out: Stephanie Johnson, Kimberly Mullin

Website: Heather Ronk

Spiritual/Bible Study: Kelly Diaz

Fellowship - Cookies & Claus Event: Lauren Cullen, Teresa Heisley, Traci Finch

Pre-School Faith Formation/Nursery Sundays/Safe Environment: Kate O’Connell

Expenses incurred by board members for St. Anne's can be submitted for reimbursement. Please print Reimbursement Form and submit with receipt(s).

Christ the King Catholic Church
Christ the King School

St. Anne's Email: ctkstannes@gmail.com
Christ the King Parish
8017 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75225-5497
(214) 365-1200
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